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There are a whole range of different mites, including pigeon mites, cheese mites, flour mites and poultry mites.

Poultry mites are a big challenge, as they can survive a long period of time without eating, and being extremely small (at less an 1mm) also makes them extremely difficult to see.

In London, the pigeon mite is the most common mite affecting domestic premises and as the name implies, it is associated with pigeon nests and dead pigeons. However, these mites can also affect other nesting birds.

Other mites, such as flour mites, can cause problems when their numbers become very large, especially in commercial situations, as a heavily infested food product may have to be thrown away.

Recommended Treatment

Initially the source of the infestation needs to be identified and removed. In the case of the pigeon mite, this is usually a pigeon nest or dead bird. The nest and associated fouling needs to be removed and the area thoroughly cleaned and sprayed with an insecticide. The main form of treatment is to remove the source of the mites (usually a pigeon nest or dead pigeon) and thoroughly spray and clean the infected area.

Professional Pest Control Services
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